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Window Tint: Your Questions Answered

 Do you want to limit the amount of light that comes through your windows and enhance your privacy without compromising your view or constantly opening and closing blinds, shades, or curtains? If so, then home window tinting could be right for you. 3M’s high-quality window tint films can add all of these features and more to your home’s windows, so that you get more enjoyment out of them as well as the other systems in your home, such as your home theater. There are many different varieties of window tint available, so you can find the right fit for every space in your home. When installed by a professional, this type of 3M window film looks smooth and seamless, so you can enjoy the appearance of your windows while getting the benefits of shade and privacy. Many homeowners who are considering window tint have questions about how it works, what the benefits are, and if it is right for their home. Here is what you need to know.

What exactly is window tint?

Most people are familiar with window tint for cars, but not for the home. Residential window tint works in much the same way as car tinting. The tint filters sunlight, so that heat and UV rays are blocked and clean, natural light comes in. The natural light that does filter through the window is evenly dispersed, so rooms are bright and airy, but without excessive heat or glare.

Window tint for the home is applied to the surface of windows as a film. It’s important to allow a professional to handle the installation process. The film must be cut to the precise dimensions of the window and applied completely smoothly. Without professional installation, window tint is likely to bubble and peel, creating an eyesore and diminishing the effectiveness of the tint.

Will I still be able to see out of my windows?

This is a concern that many homeowners have, especially if they have been in a car in which the tint is heavy enough to make the view look dark. In reality, one of the biggest benefits of home window tinting is that it allows you to control light in your home without obstructing the view. You will be able to look out of your windows as normal. It is the light that comes inside that will be filtered, rather than your line of sight to the outside. If you have a great view that you want to enjoy, you can do so with window tint while still being able to reduce glare and heat.

On the other hand, if you do want an obscured view, window tint can also make that possible. For example, decorative window tint can mimic the look of sandblasted or textured glass. If you want that look for your glass—without the major price tag—window tinting can help you achieve it. You can use different types of window tint in different parts of your home. For example, you may want to use a transparent tint on your floor-to-ceiling living room windows, but opt for decorative tint in your bathroom so that you can enjoy natural light without allowing anyone to see inside.

Is it true that window tint can help me save money?

Window tint is a smart investment for a few different reasons. First, because it reduces the amount of heat from the sun that enters your home, it makes it easier to control interior temperatures. You may find that you can run your air conditioning less when you have window tint—in fact, window tint has been associated with a 30% reduction in cooling costs. Tint helps to maintain your interior temperatures year round, so you can feel comfortable with less energy use.

Another way that window tint helps you save money is by reducing damage to your upholstery and carpets. UV rays from the sun can fade your furniture and flooring significantly. However, window tint prevents 99% of UV rays from entering your home, so your fabrics and other materials will have significant protection. As an added benefit, this UV ray protection is good for you as well, since it protects your skin from UV exposure.

How can window tint help with my home theater system?

Home theaters are all about lighting. Without window tint, there is a good chance that there are a few hours every day during which the glare on your screen is too much, and you cannot use your home theater. While you could close up your blinds or curtains, you may not want to sit in a pitch-black room all the time.

Window tinting solves this problem, since it filters the light that causes glare. You can enjoy viewing the screen while sitting in natural light, without any loss of screen function. If you prefer more darkness in your theater space, window tinting can also help with this. Choose a dark tint or decorative film that blocks even more light and keeps your theater space dim.

What are the safety benefits of window tint?

Home window films can be a useful complement to your home security system. 3M window film makes windows more difficult to shatter, which can slow down or prevent an intruder from breaking into your home. This shatter-resistant effect is also helpful during severe weather, since it can reduce the risk of breakage caused by wind. You can also choose window tint that is reflective on the outside or that otherwise obscures the view of your interior space, which will add an additional layer of protection to your home.

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