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In some ways, setting up an outdoor entertainment space isn’t so different from setting up your inside entertainment room, but as you might imagine, there are a few factors to consider that don’t apply to your indoor space. That is why you should always work with an audio-visual specialist with knowledge of the best technologies and techniques to make outdoor entertainment functional and enjoyable.

What can be included in an outdoor entertainment system?

  • Audio
  • Lighting
  • Screens
  • Media Players
  • Media Control Systems
  • Climate Control
  • Seating

What other pieces will I need?

Entertainment options: You will need some way for your music and videos to play outside. Blu-ray players, 4K media players, internet and cable access, and your favorite streaming services can all work together to provide home entertainment options. Integrating your vinyl players, digital music selection, and satellite radio subscriptions also means that music will be easy to access.

Media controls: To make controlling your outside entertainment system easy, it should be integrated into your overall home automation system. Often, this means using your smartphone to control the

Lighting and seating: Both of these factors are dictated by your space. Keep in mind that your lighting shouldn’t interfere with viewing your screen. Opt for comfortable seating with enough room for your guests.

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