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Letting your lifestyle match your home technology is easy today through a home automation system. With a smartphone or a small home console, you can have full control over your television, security systems and even home appliances anywhere you are. As simple as checking emails and phone notifications, our automation solutions can be customized to any requirements that you may have for your home or business. Our Technology Specialists have more than 35 years of experience and will transform your Tucson home or business into a modern smart one.

  • Control the lights in your house with our next-gen home automation lighting systems. Deter burglars, improve accessibility on dark nights and even control decorative outdoor lighting during the holiday season.

    Custom Lighting

    Custom lighting, modern lamps, unique lighting, stylish décor and designer lighting, exterior lighting, unique wall ...
  • Immerse yourself with front-row seats and root on your favorite sports team from the comfort of your home with our custom surround sound systems.

    Equipment Racks

    Custom equipment racks, rack-mount whole-house AV systems, home theater, home cinema, media distribution systems and...
  • Build your dream home entertainment system with the Specialists today!

    Residential AV Specialists Tucson

    Residential / home AV Specialists Tucson, home theater Tucson, home cinema Tucson design and installation in Tucson,...
  • Outdoor TV Whole-house AV Installation

    Outdoor TV and outdoor AV system, whole-house installation in Tucson AZ consisting of planning, designing and instal...
  • Security Systems

    Security cameras and video surveillance cameras help protect your home and business from unauthorized access....
  • Commercial Audio Video Systems

    Commercial lighting, surveillance and A/V systems and installation...

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