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Tips for Choosing Home Theater Seating

After choosing the perfect audio and visual components for your media room, you need someplace comfortable to enjoy it all. Home theater seating is the answer. Of course, you can decide to have a normal couch or a few lounge chairs in your home theater space, but adding actual theater seating is what will really seal the deal and pull the space together. Comfortable seating allows you to get the maximum enjoyment from your theater space and will impress your guests with a true movie house experience. Just as when you were choosing the sound system and visual system for your media room, there are many different options to choose from when selecting your theater seats. These tips will help make the process of selecting theater seating easier.

Before you start shopping for seats, know the dynamics of the room.

Size is clearly an important factor to consider when choosing home theater seats. After all, the seats have to fit in the space without creating obstructions in the pathways around the room and without blocking the screen. However, it is not just the size of the theater seats you have to consider, but also the size of the room. Even if the seats fit into the space with ease, can you put them far enough away from the screen to allow people to see without craning their necks? Can you get the close enough so that the screen can be seen without squinting?

You should also evaluate the location of your speakers and how the space for your seating will receive the sound. With a surround sound speaker system, this is less of an issue, but you don’t want chairs pushed up against a subwoofer or seats that are too far from the speakers to get premium-quality sound. Before you even start shopping for seats, take measurements of your room and consult with your home theater specialist about screen-to-seat distances and the right areas to place your seating for the best possible sound and picture quality.

You don’t have to limit yourself to one specific type of seating.

For most people with media rooms, having row seating similar to a movie theater is the gold standard. These rows of seats give you a true theater experience, helping to set the mood for the space. With rows of seats, there aren’t any battles over who is going to get which space on the sofa or who gets the comfy chair, because all of the seating is the same.

However, you don’t have limit yourself to one kind of seating. This is especially true if you have a large home theater space. You may wish to complement your theater seating with additional chairs or a sofa, or you may want to have another seating area that’s ideal for listening to music or playing video games. Some people even opt to add beanbag style seats to the theater space, especially if they plan to use the room with family or if they have kids who will frequently be using the home theater with friends.

There are some must-have features for all kinds of home theater seating.

Although you have multiple options for home theater seats, there are some qualities you should look for in any kind of seating you want to use in your theater. First and foremost, the seating should be durable and easy to clean. Since food and drinks will almost certainly be consumed in your seats, choose seats that you can either wipe clean or that are stain-resistant. You may be surprised by how often your theater seats need to be cleaned, but if you choose the right upholstery fabric, it should be easy to make the seats look like new again.

If you choose reclining seats—and seats that recline are a major attraction in a home theater—make sure that there is enough clearance room for the seats to recline completely without bumping into walls or hitting any obstructions. Even if the seats only slightly brush the walls, they will ruin the paint quickly. Measure the space for reclining carefully before choosing your seats.

Of course, home theater seating should be comfortable. After all, you and your guests may be sitting for hours watching movies or binging on a television show. Seating with back support and plenty of cushions is a must. A leg rest is also a good feature to include. One comfort feature you shouldn’t overlook is a built-in drink holder. A built-in holder gives everyone a place to put their drinks without holding them for hours, and it helps to reduce spills since no one will be balancing a drink in their lap. Some seating even comes with wide arms that can be used as mini table areas for snacks.

Theater seating comes in a range of colors and fabrics, so find one that matches your décor.

Black and red are traditional colors for movie theater seating, but you aren’t limited to these choices for your media room. You can find seating in a number of different colors and fabrics, so you don’t have to sacrifice your style for comfortable seats.

Once again, it’s important to consider the ease of cleaning when you are selecting a color. Light colors will naturally show stains and wear and tear more than dark colors, so be sure to consider long-term durability when making your seating selection.

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