Window Security Films

The Homeowner’s Guide to Window Security Films

As a homeowner, safety and security are no doubt on the top of your priority list. Protecting your family and property is a full-time job, and for most people, using the best possible tools for providing security is non-negotiable. Home security has changed significantly in the past several years, as smart home automation has entered the picture. With a smart home system, in addition to having a home burglary alarm, you can program your smart devices to make multiple components work together to provide protection for your family. For example, when you’re away from home, you can program your security system so that the lights all come on and music starts blasting any time a door or window is opened without a security code.

These security features can dramatically enhance the safety of your home, but you can go even further with the installation of window security films. Windows are often a safety concern, even in homes with a security system, since many alarms trigger when windows are opened, but not when they are shattered. Further, a home security alarm offers no protection against wind storms, earthquakes, vandalism, and other things that can cause windows to break. Here is what you need to know.

Window Security Film Basics

At Technology Specialists, the security film we use is by industry leader 3M. The 3M Safety & Security Window Film line is used in both homes and commercial establishments to make windows safer and less prone to breakage. It does this by using a thick polyester material and strong adhesive to hold both the film and the glass to which it is attached together. Because the polyester is micro-layered, it is much more resilient than other window films on the market that are made of similar materials.

The film was originally developed in response to needs in the international market for blast-resistant windows in areas in which terrorist activity was a prominent concern. After achieving the desired outcomes for those markets, 3M made the film available for domestic commercial and residential customers with the same level of protection.

Types of Security Provided

Window security films do not completely prevent windows from breaking. However, they dramatically reduce the risk of a window shattering, and make breaking treated windows much more difficult. It’s important to note that the films can’t guarantee that windows will not be breached by debris thrown around in a storm or by someone trying to break the window, but they do improve the shatter-resistant properties of the glass.

Here is a closer look at some of the ways that window security films from 3M can protect your home:

  • During an attempted break-in, window films can cut the chances that an intruder will successfully break a window. Although the glass may shatter in response to a thrown brick or other effort to break the window, window films make it more difficult for an intruder to successfully create an opening. Often, the time he or she would need to spend to actually get through the glass and film is a deterrent.
  • Tinted window films obscure would-be intruders’ view inside your home. Window tint makes it difficult to see inside your windows, while still allowing light into your home.
  • In a wind storm, security window films reduce the risk of debris breaking the windows. They also reduce the risk of glass flying into your home due to a window shattering, and of broken glass falling onto the floor.
  • When a ball or other projectile hits your window through an accident or act of vandalism, your window is unlikely to break. If it does break, the glass is more likely to crack rather than break completely.

The degree of protection provided by 3M window security films depends on the severity of the event that causes window damage. The window frame itself is another factor in window safety, and a low-quality frame can allow windows to fail even when the film prevents the glass from breaking. Your window film installation team can explain the kind of results you can expect based on your windows.

Myths about Window Security Films

Window security films offer an important layer of protection for your home and family from natural disasters, crime, and other risks. However, myths about window films can sometimes keep homeowners from considering them. Here is the truth behind some of the myths that you may have heard, so you can make an informed decision about window films.

  • Myth: Window films cause double-pane window seals to fail. This is simply not true. Some people believe that window films cause the temperature of the window itself to increase, which in turn causes a destructive increase in air pressure in the insulated area of double-pane windows. In reality, even with a dramatic increase in temperature, the air pressure will never reach a level at which it is destructive due to window films.
  • Myth: Window films cause windows to break. This myth is again rooted in the idea of temperature increases. High temperatures can cause glass to break, and window films do trap solar heat. The amount of solar heat trapped by films is not enough to break glass, unless the glass is of poor quality or improperly installed.
  • Myth: Window films will discolor and make windows look dirty. 3M window films contain an ultraviolet inhibitor that prevents this from happening.

The key to preventing issues with window film is working with an experienced installation company. When homeowners do have issues with their films, it is usually poor window quality, and not the film, which is to blame. Your installation company can point out potential areas of concern before applying the films, so you can get them addressed, if necessary.

Trust the licensed and bonded window security film team at Technology Specialists to provide high-quality installation services. Our 3M window films are unmatched in terms of quality and satisfaction for homeowners. Find out more about window security film installation and window tinting in Tucson by contacting us today.

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