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FAQs about Surveillance Security Systems and Surveillance Cameras

If so, a surveillance camera system could be the right fit for you. These systems make it possible for you to actually see what is happening in and around your home for the highest level of security possible. By integrating surveillance cameras into your home security system, you can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that your family and your home are protected.

With a home security camera system, you don’t have to even be at home to know exactly what is happening. Simply log into your account from your smartphone to see the inside and outside of your home, and take action if you spot a security risk. Are you considering making surveillance cameras part of your home security system? If so, you likely have some questions about how they work and how they could benefit you. Here are the answers to the questions many homeowners have before getting surveillance cameras.

Will my home look like a commercial property if I install surveillance cameras?

The biggest thing some homeowners worry about when they are considering getting surveillance cameras is whether their home will start to look like a loading dock at a commercial facility or a mall security desk. Nothing could be further from the truth. Residential security cameras come in all shapes and sizes. Although your outdoor cameras will be visible—for good reason, since just the sight of them can be a deterrent to prowlers—your interior cameras can take a wide variety of forms and blend seamlessly into your home’s design.

You can choose to place large, visible cameras in some places in your home, smaller cameras in others, and even cameras that are completely hidden from view in certain spaces. You and your guests won’t feel like you’re in the spotlight all the time or like you’re under the gaze of cameras constantly. You will forget that they are there most of the time, but you’ll be glad you have them if you need them.

I have an alarm—why do you I need cameras, too?

Home Surveillance SystemsAre you looking for a way to increase security at your home beyond traditional alarm security systems? A surveillance camera system expands on the benefits of your alarm system and provides additional security for your home. An alarm responds to a specific stimulus, such as the opening of a door or the appearance of smoke. When the stimulus is present, the alarm sounds, triggering you or your monitoring company to notify the police or fire department that you need help.

Security cameras give you some additional tools to make decisions about your security needs by allowing you to see what is happening. For example, if you hear a noise outside your home and want to know what it was, you can use your smartphone to access your outside cameras. This allows you to determine if there is a simple explanation for the sound, such as a fallen branch, or if you should call the police. If you think you smell smoke, you can easily use your cameras to check for any signs of a fire.

Surveillance cameras have some other benefits beyond the traditional ways that security systems are used. Some parents like to use home security cameras to easily check in on kids and ensure that they have made it home safely from school without having to leave a work meeting to make a call. You can also use surveillance cameras to check in on babysitters or other people working in your home. Some people also like to use their surveillance cameras to check on their pets during the day.

How do surveillance cameras work?

There are different setups that are possible with surveillance security systems. Your technology and installation specialist will help you choose the best fit for your home and your family’s specific needs.

Generally, wireless monitoring is available, though some systems do use wired connections. They can be set up with remote feeds so that they are easy to access from anywhere. With remote video feeds, you can check on your home from anywhere in the world, as long as you can get internet access.

The positioning of your cameras will depend on the types of cameras you get and the areas you want to target for surveillance. Most people prefer smaller cameras that are easily hidden in most areas of their homes, with more obvious cameras placed around entryways to act as a deterrent. Your installation team can check out your property and help you pick the most useful spots for the cameras, based on your preferences.

The kind of software you need for your system will depend on the cameras that you choose. Some popular home surveillance security systems are those made by Nest, Ring, E-Line Technologies, and Sony Optics. Typically, you simply need to download the app for your particular system in order to start using the security cameras remotely.

Do I need back-up power?

Check with your installation team to see if your cameras need electrical power. Typically, surveillance cameras are either powered exclusively by battery or have a back-up battery for times when the power goes out. Make sure you understand how your system is powered, so you don’t loose your security protection if there is an electrical outage.

There are many factors to consider when choosing a residential surveillance security system in Tucson, so let Technology Specialists guide you through the process. We offer a selection of the best surveillance cameras on the market, including popular models from Ring, Nest, Sony Optics, and E-Line Technologies, which can be easily integrated into your smart home system. Call us today to discuss your family’s security needs and to learn more about your options.

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