Surveillance Camera & Security Cameras

Security cameras and video surveillance camera help protect your home and business from unauthorized access. There are varieties of security systems to select from at affordable prices. We are dedicated to helping you envision and install the best security system that suits your home or office needs and at the best possible price. The Technology Specialists have been serving Tucson for over 35 years and we pride ourselves in always being able to know exactly what works best for you at the best price too. Our surveillance systems are also easily upgradeable according to your changing needs.

Home Surveillance

Benefits of Home Surveillance

A safe home is a happy home. Home surveillance helps keep your home and belongings safe by ensuring intruders stay away. Ensure peace of mind with a home security system today.

Protect From Break-ins

There is nothing more important than home security. Protect your family and possessions from break-ins by installing surveillance cameras. Visible security cameras are a deterrent to potential criminals.

Screen in Home Activity

Know what’s going on at your home while you’re away by monitoring your home security camera. Keep an eye on the home/babysitter or unruly pets when you’re not home.

Monitor at and Away From Home

Home surveillance now easier than ever before. Monitor a live feed of your home from your home control display or from your mobile phone anywhere you are. You can also review past footage at your convenience at any time.

Security Cameras

Wide range of security camera options

We have a variety of surveillance camera solutions ranging from outdoor security cameras to indoor safety options, spy/hidden to visible cameras, wireless remote viewing to wired, and more. All your security needs at your fingertip.

Network IP Security

Internet ready home security camera

Upgrade to an Internet Protocol (IP) camera and discover how to use the internet to send and receive surveillance data remotely. Make central optimization accessible on your phone with remote viewing apps.

Hidden Security Cameras

Keep an eye on children and others

Stop worrying when you leave home. Spy cams can monitor domestic staff and kids so you know what they are doing. Solve mysteries like missing packages easily. These spy cams can be placed virtually anywhere undetected.

Security Camera Systems

Centralize and automate

Centralize and automate your home and business surveillance cameras with convenience. Monitor your cameras through wireless methods, video connection and other convenient methods. Remote feeds can also be provided

Digital video recorders

Store all surveillance footage

Store all surveillance footage captured by your security cameras easily to help you identify and monitor criminal or suspicious activities over a period of time. Digital video recorders also help during disputes and investigations

Wireless Security Cameras

Easy to install and affordable

Wireless security cameras provide you with high-quality surveillance and convenience. You can access live or pre-recorded feeds from any remote monitoring devices or mobile phone. They are also easy to install and affordable.

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Commercial Surveillance

Business owners can prevent business theft, harms to business assets and monitoring of employees by installing surveillance cameras. Research shows that monitoring employees increases productivity since employees tends to work effectively when they know they are being monitored and thereby increasing revenues. By installing, notifying your employees of the upgrade, and monitoring will help drop the rate of business theft and increase productivity dramatically.

Why Invest in Business Surveillance?

Prevent Theft, Intruders and Guard Your Assets

Confirm that only authorized personnel have access to secure areas. Keep an eye on your store to ensure that your money/merchandise is secure from unwanted individuals.

Minimize Shrinkage and Decrease Cash Loss

Well-placed visible security cameras can help give you peace of mind and safeguard your most valuable assets. They also provide valuable information during investigations or disputes.

Save on Insurance and Minimize Liability

Insurance companies offer cheaper insurance policies to businesses that have commercial security camera systems installed. Business security camera systems can also save you money by reducing your risk from false claims.

Improve Productivity and Customer Service

Employees interact better to customers and are less likely to steal from the company when they’re being observed. Monitor your business to make sure things are running smoothly at all times.

We Provide Full Service and Support for Your Home Security Cameras and Business Surveillance System

Our security and surveillance solutions are designed to meet every customer’s unique needs. Our technicians provide full support for your system from the beginning of your office/home construction to routine maintenance and upkeep of your surveillance system. You don’t have to worry about construction workers, maids, gardeners, plumbers doing quality jobs, with our surveillance cameras, you can monitor them effectively with minimal or no blackouts or system downtime.

Project manager

Let us design your system

The Technology Specialists are experts at Project Management. Let us plan, design, and create a surveillance monitoring systems that’s perfect for your needs.


No obligation quote

It starts with a no obligation quote. Our team of experts will help you navigate through the various options to secure the right security system for your home or business.

Design Solutions

Completely customized for your needs

After identifying the best home security system for you, our experts will help design and customize the system to best integrate into your space.

Monitoring Control

Monitor Cameras Remotely

Internet Protocol (IP) electronic monitoring systems are available for a wide range of prices and surveillance areas. IP camera systems give the user the flexibility to monitor their cameras wherever there is internet connection.

Surveillance Studies

Monitoring Employee Behavior Rather than Punishing Lapses Brings Productivity Gains

According to a study by researchers at Washington University in St Louis, when employers monitors their workers, employees are less likely to commit theft. Monitoring also increased employee performance and demeanor toward customers. READ MORE »

Most Small Businesses Remain Silent Rather than Report Employee Theft

A study by the University of Cincinnati found that small business owners were unlikely to report theft. Dealing with employee theft can be uncomfortable. Give yourself the evidence to act confidently.

5 Ways Your Company Can Benefit from Security Cameras

  1. Reduce Employee Theft
  2. Reduce Insurance Costs
  3. Workflow Monitoring
  4. Avoid Frivolous Lawsuits
  5. Safer Workplace


Ready to take the first step? Call today!

Call us today to see what it would take to install the home/commercial audio and visual system of your dreams. Visit us today for a free consultation or call us today for a quote. You will be glad you did.