Home and Commercial Automation

Total Control On The Go: Streamline Your Home and Business

Letting your lifestyle match your home technology is easy today through a home automation system and Internet of Things IoT smart home devices. With a smartphone or a small home console, you can have full control over your television, security systems and even home appliances anywhere you are. As simple as checking emails and phone notifications, our automation solutions can be customized to any requirements that you may have for your home or business. Our Technology Specialists have more than 35 years of experience and will transform your Tucson home or business into a modern smart one.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Revolutionizing the way we live

The Internet of Things (IoT) is revolutionizing the way we live today. Full building automation control is possible today by installing IoT devices. This way, all internet connected devices in your home will be in constant communication with you. Start your home theater system in one click or check your business security cameras’ live feed with a quick command from your smartphone. These and so much more is possible today with our automation solutions. Your lights, speakers, cameras, appliances, printers, fax machines, even access doors today are all internet-capable and waiting for you to take ease of use to the next level through affordable home automation by IoT smart device installation.

Home Automation

Home automation or smart home, also referred to as domotics, describes how automation for a home is built. It consists the control and automation of home elements such as lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) and security. Home appliances nowadays are also capable of being integrated into an automated system. Most home automation systems use Wifi for remote connection and monitoring. So, interconnected home devices, when connected and commanded via the Internet are an integral part of the Internet of Things. Today’s systems typically consist of switches and sensors that are connected to a gateway (a central activity centre). Then, everything is controlled from a portable home terminal, a mobile phone app or a web interface. You can also control your home automation system via Internet cloud services today.

Home Lighting Automation

Complete control

Be in complete control of your home automation lighting from brightness to color from a mobile app, smartphone or a home control terminal. Lighting automation systems let you regulate lighting options in your home remotely and conveniently.

Hubs & Controllers

Affordable Home Automation

Home automation companies have made central control devices from which you control all your automation mechanisms. Our technicians can recommend affordable home automation options for you, customized up to the perfect hub and/or controller for your home.

Security Cameras

Home security is a priority

Home security and monitoring are paramount for your property or rental space, and must be prioritized. Integrate your surveillance systems with home automation audio today to take advantage of cutting edge security features like sound-activated recording.

Locks & Home Security

Control locks via Bluetooth

Let smart home locks control access to your home. Home automation installations enable you to control your locks via Bluetooth devices or smartphones. Never lose another physical key or worry about whether you locked your doors or not.

Heating & Cooling

Control temperature wherever you are

Have your home at your desired temperature always with Wi-Fi enabled thermostats. Include your thermostat in your home automation control system and control temperature from a smartphone, tablet or computer anywhere you are.

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Commercial Building Automation Systems

Building automation involves using a building management system or building automation system (BAS) to control a building’s heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting and other systems through an automatic centralized system. Building automation helps to improve a building’s occupant comfort, make building systems more efficient, and reduce energy consumption and operating costs. The life cycle of utilities will also be improved as a result of the more efficient managed which is now automated.

Integrated Room Controls

Revolutionizing workroom efficiency

Get more out of your executive office, conference and boardroom with power automation systems. Move away from connecting cables and take control of all your smart technology and subsystems from your mobile phone, tablet or system control hub.

Smart Building Technology

Reduce energy costs

Reduce your energy costs through an efficient home automation system in your business or office. Experience real-time control and monitoring of all your powered automation systems such as lighting, heating, ventilation and audio/video surveillance

Lighting Controls

Commercial lighting control systems help reduce business costs by balancing electric and natural options to create great ambiance for your office. Automated lights can even be programmed to shut off when people exit rooms.

Window Automation

Automated window shades can let you control how much light enters your business workspace. Give your office a nice glow, protected from harmful UV rays. Blinds that go from daytime to nighttime can also enhance your video presentation room.

Energy Management

Monitor your energy usage in real-time from a dashboard display and easily identify how best to save energy and be more efficient. Our control systems will generate usage reports that will help you optimize energy consumption strategies.

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