Deco Window Film

Exploring the Advantages of Deco Window Film

 Decorative—or deco—window film offers a great way to increase privacy, reduce your energy consumption, and add visual appeal to your home. It works similarly to clear window film, but instead of mimicking the appearance of glass, it looks like a pattern or design. There are endless design options for decorative window film, including customized designs based on your needs and preferences. Many people are accustomed to seeing decorative window film in office settings, where is it often used to add privacy to conference rooms or exterior windows, but it is becoming increasingly embraced for residential use as well. Homeowners love the ability of window film to add interest and privacy to their space on both interior and exterior glass surfaces.

At Technology Specialists, we use 3M Fasara Decorative Window Films to ensure that our customers get the highest quality films available. With 3M deco window films, you don’t have to worry about things like thermal glass breakage, fading, and peeling, since they only make their films of the best possible polyester materials using the most advanced manufacturing procedures available. What you get is the beautiful effect of etched, tinted, or textured glass without the hefty price tag. If you are considering decorative window films for your home, here is a closer look at some of the advantages.

Get Increased Privacy without Sacrificing Natural Light

For homeowners, privacy is one of the biggest attractions of decorative window films. Decorative films can be placed on any glass surface through which you want to obscure the view. For example, many people put decorative film on glass shower doors and bathroom windows. Films can also be used on glass doors, window panels, and glass panels between rooms. In addition, window films can be useful in home offices in which there are glass partitions and home theater spaces in which you want some additional privacy. With privacy window tint films, you can obscure the view into certain areas of your home and reduce glare while still allowing natural light through.

The decorative film you choose will determine the level of privacy you get. For example, you may choose window films with stripes that mimic frosted glass and clear spaces in between, or you may choose to have an entire shower door covered in a frosted glass-style film. In each case, however, what you are getting is privacy without blocking natural light. Decorative window films are an ideal choice in areas in which you don’t want to use shades or curtains, which would block light, but in which you still want privacy.

Increase the Aesthetic Appeal of Your Home

Another thing that decorative window film can do for you is add interest and texture to your home décor. Although you can certainly get decorative window film that is plain and simply mimics the appearance of frosted glass, there are many other options available. Often, homeowners like to apply patterned decorative film to windows in their homes for added appeal. There are many different designs available, and it is even possible to order custom designs. Many commercial businesses use custom designs in order to get decorative film that features their business name, logo, or marketing slogan. Homeowners with an artistic flare can create custom patterns to enhance the design of their home.

Decorative window film can also mimic the look of etched and textured glass, which is a highly sought after and valuable feature. That kind of glass is pricey to purchase and time consuming to create. Decorative window films let you get the look for a much smaller investment and with much less disruption to your everyday life during the installation process.

Improve the Energy Efficiency of Your Home

This feature is one you can get with any kind of window film, so you can reap these benefits whether you want decorative films or not. Privacy window tinting and films dramatically reduce the amount of solar heat that enters your home. With less heat entering your home, your HVAC system won’t have to work as hard to maintain a comfortably cool temperature inside your house when you’re using your AC. Similarly, when you’re running your heating, the window film will help to keep the heat inside, preventing it from leaking out of your windows. As a result, your heating will run more efficiently, which can add up to some significant energy savings.

As an added benefit, while reducing heat from the sun, window films also reduce the amount of UV rays that enter your home. This protects your furniture and flooring from fading caused by sun damage.

Contrary to a common misconception about an increased risk of glass breakage because of window film’s heat absorption, using decorative films will not harm your windows. Deco films from 3M are manufactured to the highest standards, and they will not harm your windows in any way, as long as your windows are properly installed. They can even be easily removed without the need to replace your windows, should you decide you want to change your home’s style.

Get More Enjoyment Out of Your Home Entertainment System

If you have a home theater, then you know how important it is to control the lighting. Glare from the sun can make your screen impossible to view at certain times of day. Window films and privacy window tints help to correct this issue. By filtering the light that comes in, decorative window films make it easier to enjoy your home theater whenever you want, even if the sun is shining brightly outside.

As in other spaces in your home, decorative window films also provide increased privacy for your home theater space. No matter the time of day, you can comfortably enjoy your home entertainment system with your family in complete privacy.

At Technology Specialists, we’re committed to helping homeowners take advantage of the benefits of decorative window films and privacy window tinting from industry leader 3M. Talk to one of our licensed and bonded window film installation experts in Tucson about your needs, and we will help you select and install the right window films for your space.

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